Approximately 320 Ha
of land assets
of industrial and agricultural designation in the Dmitrov municipal district of the Moscow region. Land plots with a flat landscape and comfortable approaching roads.
Fertile soil
for development of animal farming.
In terms of production volume of vegetables, the Dmitrov municipal district holds the leading position in the Moscow Region and produces 48% from the whole volume of their production in the Moscow Region among the agricultural producers.
Favorable conditions
for development of animal farming.
In 2015 the total livestock of cattle in the Dmitrov district composed 7045 animal units. 6 large enterprises and 5 peasant farm enterprises are engaged in animal farming in the district.
Experienced team
of professionals, reliable land owner.
Support in the project’s development from the part of the Administration of the Dmitrov municipal district.
and advantageous location. Huge potential for the purposes of warehousing and logistics business
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    Prostor Development

    “Prostor Development” – is a professional company, created by way of division by the majority shareholders of land assets of the industrial and logistics part “Orudievo” for the purpose of development of independent investment and development projects.

    The land plots may be purchased for the purposes of warehousing, logistics business, production, agriculture and other activities.



Transport accessibility:
60 km from the MKAD
3 km from the town Dmitrov


Flat configuration of land plots, choice of land area


High workforce capacity of the district


Experienced developer of the project


Existing residents available

The project is located at 60 km from МКАD by Dmitrovkoye shosse, near the town Dmitrov (3 km)

Dmitrovkoye shosse runs in a close proximity from the land plots (500m)

The new hack of the federal highway А108 “Moscow outer ring”is laid along the borders of the land plots.

  • Dmitrovskoe highway 500 m
  • Rogachevskoe highway (route R113)25 km
  • The Moscow Little Ring (route А107)25 km
  • Airport Sheremetevo 45 km
  • River cargo port «Severny»5 km
  • Railway 0 km